Monday, January 4, 2010

Bridge Building Activity

How do I feel working as a team on the bridge building project?
I feel that although it can be a bit troublesome and unpleasant sometimes when the team does not agree on a certain type of design or how to build the bridge as everyone had his/her own opinions on how to build the bridge.
However, when everyone decided on the design, we all worked together and did our best to finish the bridge. Overall, I think that it was an interesting and enriching experience. Moreover, I made some new friends in the process!

What do I think about my interactions with the members of my team?
I think that my team does argue too much and thus it is not easy to communicate with them. Despite that, we still manage to respect each other's opinions and we often decide on something in the end. It is obvious that we need to improve on how to interact with each other, but we can definitely do it with a little practice.

What have I learnt about myself in the course of activity and what would I have done differently in future group activities?
I would try to communicate with them better and spend less time on arguing and more time on doing and planning. I have learnt that if everyone argues continuously and no one begins on the activity, we will always be at square 1 all over again because someone doesn't agree with what we are doing and we have to redo the project. I learnt that I must try to think about the idea and design before doing it as we may have to face the consequences of it later.

Did I experience any fear(s), discomfort(s), and apprehension(s) working with this team? Why?
Yes, definitely! As we were racing against the clock, everyone panicked and started to mess up. It was also very discomforting to watch my teammates quarreling with each other even when our time was running out.

How did I overcome them?
I tried to calm down and helping to finish the project as quickly as possible. When everyone set aside their differences and did their part, the project was finally finished. It turned out that we could have done it in such a short time!