Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is the digital collage I made using Microsoft PowerPoint! I hope you like it!

I like Google and Wikipedia most as they help me to find information whenever I need it and the information is accurate most of the time, so it is very reliable.

Google Map

Well, here's my Google Map for the assignment! Enjoy!

View Singapore in a larger map
In the evening, my father drove from my house to my mother's workplace to pick her up and we went to Tampines to watch a concert before going to T3 for dinner.

I feel that being able to place pins and icons on the map showing landmarks and places is the most useful as it shows what type of place or landmark it is at a glance. That way, the map will be clearer to those reading it.

My experience in creating this blog

It was actually quite easy for me as I have created several blogs before.

I started out by choosing a skin at http://www.pyzam.com/. Then, I personalized it, edited the HTML code, changed the font colours and was almost done. After that, I added music from my personal blog and a clock. Blogger has a gadget which allows me to put a poll on the blog, so I did so. After that, it was just easy all the way, creating posts.

In the first post, I posted a picture. Actually, it wasn't difficult, as I have posted quite a few and even videos on my personal blog.

I think that we can encourage people to keep coming back to the blog by posting frequently and adding a new poll every week.

Overall, it was a piece of cake, and I did it in just under an hour.


This is the first time posting on this blog. I have another one, but I'm supposed to create one, so here it is! I've edited the skin quite a little. Credits for the skin goes to http://www.pyzam.com/ for their amazing design.

As you can see, I've added some music and a poll to this blog. Music credits goes to http://www.mixpod.com/.

Well, when I first found out I was going to SST, I simply couldn't believe it. It was only after my parents showed me the letter did I realize that I really got in.

At that time, I was like this:

Of course, I don't really look like that. The picture is from Microsoft PowerPoint. I chose this picture because I honestly felt like screaming and celebrating at the time. I could even imagine confetti raining down!
In conclusion, it was a great experience!