Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My experience in creating this blog

It was actually quite easy for me as I have created several blogs before.

I started out by choosing a skin at http://www.pyzam.com/. Then, I personalized it, edited the HTML code, changed the font colours and was almost done. After that, I added music from my personal blog and a clock. Blogger has a gadget which allows me to put a poll on the blog, so I did so. After that, it was just easy all the way, creating posts.

In the first post, I posted a picture. Actually, it wasn't difficult, as I have posted quite a few and even videos on my personal blog.

I think that we can encourage people to keep coming back to the blog by posting frequently and adding a new poll every week.

Overall, it was a piece of cake, and I did it in just under an hour.


Loh Kwai Yin said...

From the various gadgets you added to the blog, could see that you've explored the platform pretty in-depth.

Perhaps you could share how, you think we could get visitors interested and keep coming back to visit?