Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Google Map

Well, here's my Google Map for the assignment! Enjoy!

View Singapore in a larger map
In the evening, my father drove from my house to my mother's workplace to pick her up and we went to Tampines to watch a concert before going to T3 for dinner.

I feel that being able to place pins and icons on the map showing landmarks and places is the most useful as it shows what type of place or landmark it is at a glance. That way, the map will be clearer to those reading it.


Loh Kwai Yin said...

On the same map, try marking out a couple more places that you like to go or you've been to, and insert an image in the 'bubble' of these places :D

What information available in GoogleMaps that you think are useful? Let's hear from you.
(simply add on to the existing post).